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Presented by Elissa M. Howard & Denise M. Seabert
at the
73rd Annual ASHA School Health Conference
Kansas City, MO on 10/30/99

This is a list of children's books and other stories that can be used in classroom activities (for both young and old) to promote class discussion regarding health related issues:




Ackerman, Karen (1988) Song and dance man
Ardoff, Arnold (1991) Hard to be six
Dugan, Barbara (1992) Loop the loop
Schwartz, Evgeny (1966) A tale of stolen time
Schwartz, David (1991) Supergrandpa
Wild, Margaret (1996) Old Pig



Hacks, Peter (1976) The bear at the hunter's ball
Hickman, Martha (1995) Robert lives with his grandpa
Vigna, Judith (1990) My big sister takes drugs



Benson, Patrick (1990) Little penguin
Brandenburg, Franz (1985) Otto is different
Caudill, Rebecca (1962) The best loved doll
Krasilovsky, Phyllis (1969) The very tall little girl
Newman, Leslea (1991) Belinda's bouquet
Wild, Margaret (1994) Our granny



Anbolt, Catherine (1987) Truffles is sick
Girard, Linda (1991) Alex, the kid with AIDs
Kelley, True (1994) I've got chicken pox
Muldoon, Kathleen (1989) Princess pooh
Pirner, Connie (1991) Even little kids get diabetes
Dr. Seuss (1939) The king's stilts



Aliki (1990) My feet
Blake, Quentin (1984) The story of the dangerous frog
Hesse, Karen (1993) Lester's dog
Hoffman, Phyllis (1990) We play
Rayner, Mary (1989) Marathon and steve
Watanabe, S (1980) Get set! Go!



Adams, Adrienne (1971) A woqqle of witches
Brown, Margaret Wise (1952) The noon balloon
Keller, Holly (1993) Harry and Tuck
Meddaugh, Susan (1996) Martha blah blah
Morey, Kathleen (1984) Otto shares a fright



Carle, Eric (1990) The very quiet cricket
Goffstein, MB (1986) Our snowman
Klein, Norma (1973) Girls can be anything
Lyon, George Ella (1994) Mama is a minor
Vigna, Judith (1995) My two uncles



Cole, Babette (1994) Dr. dog
Cole, Brock (1991) Alpha and the dirty baby
Grety, Suzanna (1969) Teddy bears one to 10
Pearson, Susan (1975) lzzie
Potter, Beatrix (1905) The tale of mrs. tiggy winkle
Showers, Paul (1991) How many teeth?



Carlson, Nancy (1988) 1 like me!
Cazet, Denys (1987) A fish in his pocket
Isenberg, Barbara & Wolf, Susan (1987) Albert and the running bear get the Jitters
Knight, Hilary (1964) Where's Wallace?
Lionni, Leo (1960) Inch by inch
Mitchell, Rhonda (1997) The talking cloth



Agnew, Seth M (1970) The giant sandwich
Aliki (1979) The two of them
Axelrod, Amy (1 994) Pigs will be pigs
Boon, Debbie (1998) My Gran
Boujon, Claude (1987) Bon appetit, mr, rabbit!
Schotter, R (1993) A fruit and vegetable man



Johnston, Tony (1977) Five little foxes and the snow
Lindgren, Astrid (1966) The tomten and the fox
Rosenblatt, Lily (1994) Five Diary
Taylor, Mark (1975) Henry explores the mountains



Clifton, Lucille (1978) Everett Anderson's 9 month long
Collins, Pat (1990) Waiting for baby Joe
Freschet, Bernice (1972) A web in the grass
Girard, Linda (1983) Your were born on your very first day
Russo, Marisabina (1989) Waiting for Hannah



Arnold, Ted (1987) No jumping on the bed
Crews, Donald (1992) Short cut
Lindgren, Barbro (1981) The wild baby
Pfister, Marcus (1995) Rainbow fish to the rescue
VamAllsburg, Chris (1988) Two bad ants



Agee, Jon (1985) Ludlow laughs
Brown, Marc (1992) Authur babysits
Hudson, W. (1991) Jame's busy day
Munsch, Robert (1984) Millicent and the wind



Dixon, Ann (1994) The sleeping lady
Galdone, Paul (1974) Red Riding Hood
Munsch, Robert (1995) From far away
Trottier, Moxine (1997) A safe place
Wangerin, Walter Jr. (1983) Thistle



Heart warming stories for all ages: Canterfield, Jack & Hansen, Mark (1998) Chicken Soup for the Soul

Fifteen literature-based units for the young adolescent: Sheppard, Ronnie L. & Stratton, Beverly D. (1993) Reflections on becoming



The children's Picture Book Database at Miami University:

List of books and themes: http-.//www.acs.ucaig4U,c"kbrown/



Amer, K. Bibliotherapy: Using fiction to help children in two populations discuss feelings. Pediatric Nursing. 1999,25(l):91-95.

Cox, C. "Storytelling":replacing "storymaking" as a supplement to the elementary health education curriculum. Journal of Health Education. 1998;29(3):151 -153.

Daniels, T & Ubbes, VA. Using story hour to teach elementary children about safe and unsafe food choices. Journal of Health Education. 1996;27(5):324-325.

Goodwin, S C & Andrew Pj. Teaching through stories. Journal of School Health. 1997;67(6):242- 244.




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