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Some school districts in Kentucky are experiencing outbreaks of the flu that are resulting in school closure. It is that time of the year to expect common colds and the flu. In checking with our local health agencies, we have not experience any major problems to date. The flu that has been experienced is of the viral nature (Symptoms: sneezing, coughing, aching muscles, temperature, and sore throat).

The reason for this memo is to request your cooperation in helping us keep the flu out of our school system. Due to the large number of children in close proximity, coupled with the fact that the flu is highly contagious, it creates problems for all of us. Naturally, we must all work together to keep it out of our schools as best as possible.

The "KEY" is prompt identification. Please be in tune to the previously mentioned symptoms. If your child should have a temperature, and one or more of the symptoms, it is a good chance that he or she may have the flu. Taking your child's temperature is the key. When a child has a temperature, what sickness he or she may have is contagious at that point. Please keep your child at home. At times, some parents will send their children to school sick. This creates havoc for our schools, and is an irresponsible gesture.

After a child has been "temperature free" for 24 hours, he or she should be able to return to school. As Director of Pupil Personnel, I know many parents are concerned about our attendance policy and doctor excuses. We do exercise a little common sense at times and realize that:

    • plenty of fluids
    • lots of rest, and
    • Tylenol (do not use aspirin or any derivative of aspirin)

make up the basic treatment for the flu, and medical attention is not always required. Our school district is concerned about the physical well-being of all of our children, and feel that sick children need to be home, not in school, especially with the flu.



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